The Need

More efficient browsing through huge Plant Maintenance datasets.

The Challenge

Enabling an easy extension of functionality by adding a different type of object presented as easy-to-read reports.

Our solution

Plant Maintenance Master App – custom SAP Fiori Application that collects data from more than 15 SAP GUI transactions into one, integrated set of Fiori Smart Reports.


  • Users don’t have to go back to the Fiori Launchpad each time to look for the relevant information

  • Users can look for the relevant data in the context of Functional Location Tree or the entire Plant. By pressing on the entry in the Functional Location Tree, a user can take a deeper look into Notifications, Work Orders, Operations, Maintenance Items, Materials, Purchase Order/Requisitions attached to that Functional Location. In a plant-specific, general report, data is displayed in the form of a standard Fiori report.

  • It is extremely easy for users to set filters, save them as variants for later use and then make it visible as a Tile on the Fiori launchpad

  • Every Business Object in-app can be marked as a favorite by clicking on the star icon. User’s favorites Business Objects can be managed in Favorites Report

  • Possibility to download a Smart Form printout for specific Business Object

Long-term benefits

Improved user experience and reduced time spent on searching for relevant information up to 50 – 90%. Plant Maintenance Master App aggregates huge amounts of data from the PM objects:

  • Functional Locations

  • Notifications

  • Work Orders

  • Operations

  • Maintenance Items

  • Materials

  • Purchase Orders

  • Purchase Requisitions

  • Measure Reading

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