The Need

Automating the store ordering processes by providing the stores with algorithm-based order proposals to increase process efficiencies and reduce overstocks, out of stock and wastage.

The Challenge

The solution was supposed to be built and continuously developed as a functional prototype. This meant it needed to be able to interact directly with the core systems and business logic of Coop.

Our solution

Project team designed, developed and agreed upon a single set of unified business processes and standard system solutions, across all departments and areas for forecasting, replenishment, order execution of promotions, allocations, and one common gateway for stores.


  • Demand and order forecasting

  • Automated order proposals for stores and exceptions management

  • Delivering order proposals for promotions to the stores

  • Strategies to determine order proposals for stores

Long-term benefits

  • One centralised platform to manage all order activity

  • Improved shelf availability leading to increased sales and profit

  • Improved store efficiency due to process automation and less time spent on ordering in stores

  • Reduces working capital due to reduction in overstocks

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