The Need

Introducing a Design-Led Development to further improve the process of creating desirable software solutions.

The Challenge

Introducing and improving the process that supports a whole development lifecycle. A process that favors innovation and empathy and delivers consistent ordering solutions that meet end-users’ needs.

Our solution

Considering the understanding of design thinking the most important part of the process, S5 Consulting organized workshops to explain it to the people in the organization.

We introduced a set of tools and techniques that helped put the users in the center of the process and understand their points of view. We showed how to observe, collect the insights, and synthesize the information. We introduced a new prototyping tool – Axure RP9 and trained the Coop team on how to use it. One of the assumptions of design thinking is to provide a creative environment that fosters innovation and collaboration. That is why we explained how it can be achieved both: on-site and remotely (read more about how S5 Consulting solves problems with Digital Design Thinking).


  • Reduced number of Change Requests

  • Reduced number of bugs and issues

  • Better understanding of the problems and user needs

  • More consistent and precise solutions

  • Improved relationships between project teams and key/end users

Long-term benefits

User-friendly apps are delivered to the customers. End users love the software solutions and benefit from them in the most efficient way.

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Amadeusz Musiol

User Experience Designer at S5
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