Revolutionizing Steel Mining: Streamlining Maintenance Operations for Peak Efficiency

April 2024

Our expert team at S5 Consulting has developed a suite of user-friendly Fiori applications tailored for the S/4HANA system and accessible through SAP BTP Workzone.

Our applications were crafted using Business Applications Studio (BAS), leveraging standard S/4HANA APIs to embody the 'clean-core' concept while also providing offline support through Progressive Web App (PWA) technology.

The need

In response to transitioning to a new S/4HANA system, our client decided to migrate functionalities from external systems. To support processes such as Mining Vehicle Maintenance, Spare Parts Maintenance, Scheduling and Resourcing, we had to build a set of custom Fiori applications capable of running seamlessly in offline mode, even in “underground” environments.

Our solution

We have developed a suite of five applications compatible with various devices, including phones, tablets, and desktops, all equipped with offline mode functionality through Progressive Web App (PWA) technology. Leveraging SAP BTP Workzone, we seamlessly deliver front-end applications to users. Communication with the backend (S4/HANA system) is facilitated by a set of standard oData APIs, as well as custom oData services based on ABAP and CDS.



  • Improved efficiency in day to day operations of mining plants
  • Reduced time of maintenance for mining vehicles
  • Cut costs by replacing legacy IT solutions
  • Improve employee satisfaction with superior UX across all devices

Steel Products Industry Leader

Founded in 1932 in Finland, boasts a rich heritage in stainless steel production, with operations spanning over 30 countries globally. With a workforce of around 10,000 employees, the company serves diverse industries such as construction, automotive, and energy. Steadfast commitment to sustainability is evident through its investment in eco-efficient production methods and continuous efforts to minimize its environmental impact.

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