Streamlining for Success: The Transformation Journey of Ranheim Paper & Board with S/4HANA

May 2024

S5 Consulting is set to revolutionize Ranheim Paper & Board's processes through transitioning to S/4HANA. This partnership is aimed at facilitating seamless implementation and organizational readiness.

With a focus on streamlining operations, the initiative promises enhanced efficiency and a robust foundation for RPB's integration into the broader Fundermax group, aligning technical and cultural facets with future business aspirations.

The need

Ranheim Paper & Board (RPB), a leading supplier in the Nordic region, faces significant operational challenges due to its reliance on multiple, uncommunicative ERP and MES systems, alongside manual processes. The company struggles with inefficiencies in solid board and paper production, maintenance, finance, HR, and purchasing processes.

Our solution

To address these issues, Ranheim plans to transition to SAP S/4HANA. Partnering with S5 Consulting to help with system implementation and organizational preparation. The proposed solution involves a comprehensive analysis and phased SAP implementation, emphasizing process reevaluation, data migration, project management, and risk analysis. This approach aims to streamline operations, enhance efficiency, and support RPB's integration within the larger Fundermax entity, ensuring both technical and cultural alignment with future business goals.



  • Operational Efficiency: Eliminate the inefficiencies caused by using multiple, uncommunicative systems and manual processes
  • Improved Data Management: A unified system will facilitate better data management
  • Streamlined Processes: Optimization of business processes will lead to streamlined operations, reducing waste and improving productivity
  • Enhanced Collaboration
  • Cost Efficiency: The improved efficiency and effectiveness of operations are expected to lead to cost savings

Ranheim Paper & Board

Ranheim Paper & Board (RPB) is a prominent Nordic supplier specializing in solid board and paper products. With 200 employees, RPB is committed to delivering high-quality, sustainable packaging solutions. Founded in 1884 by engineer Lauritz Jenssen, RPB stands as an innovative and has evolved within the dynamic packaging industry​.

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