Transforming Retail and Distribution: With the new Non-code/Low-Code tools, you can say Goodbye to the M3 Merit Portal!

April 2024

With use of Neptune DPX Platform it was implemented a set of applications supporting the processes both in the distribution centers and the retail stores integrated to the M3 ERP system with use of APIs.

Replacing the Merit portal with Neptune DXP platform. With use of new non-code/Low-code tools new UX was implemented running on Honeywell Android mobile devices.

The need

Optimera is moving the M3 ERP system from on-prem to the cloud. The software Merit portal that is the UX connected to M3 can´t be used when they move to cloud. They needed new software supporting the processes on the mobile devices in the distribution centers and in the retail stores.

Our solution

We provided the non-code/low-code platform Neptune DXP platform to support the processes on mobile devices. The Neptune DXP platform is running in Azure. A set of applications was developed with integration to M3 with use of API on Azure.The solution supports about 1500 users on 1000 mobile devices.



  • New UX with the newest technology
  • Single sign on Android application on mobile devices and desktop
  • MDM software SOTI for device management
  • Replaced Merit Portal


Optimera, Norway's top building materials, timber, and interiors retailer, boasts 160 outlets, 2,000 staff, and over NOK 15 billion in sales. Its units include Montér, Assembly equipment, Optimera Proff, Woodfab, Optimera Logistikk, Optimera Handel, RenCon, and Igland Garage. It's a key part of Saint-Gobain Distribution Norway, alongside Brødrene Dahl, Ventistål, Flisekompaniet, and Hywer, all under the French-owned Saint-Gobain group.

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