Enhancing B2B Commerce: A Webshop Redefined for Ultimate User Experience!

February 2024

We developed a webshop that is built upon the Neptune SAP FIORI Solution, embodying a comprehensive suite of both front-end and back-end components.

This architecture not only leverages the advanced features of SAP FIORI for creating efficient, user-friendly application, but also capitalizes on the powerful ABAP programming environment to ensure reliability and performance.

The need

They needed a solution for the customers that is not integrated on EDI to have a self-service solution for order products. This to reduce the effort for the customer service to manually create the orders in SAP.

Our solution

With use of Neptune SAP edition and Neptune Open edition the webshop was developed using FIORI. The webshop running directly on the SAP system without any integrations. Customer service can setup new customers in a couple of minutes and list the products.

The webshops supports the following:
- Product information with images from PIM etc.
- Create order (also with import from excel sheet)
- Change order
- Delete order (if not delivered yet)
- Realtime stock, price, campaign
- Sending special notice on mail when creating order
- Order history with status, deliveries, invoice preview in PDF and re-order the same order



  • Reduced time for customer service handling orders
  • Self-service solution for the customers
  • Real time data for the customers

Producing consumer products

A leading Norwegian conglomerate operating primarily in the consumer goods sector. The company's portfolio comprises a wide range of well-known Nordic brands, as well as international brands, making it a significant player in the markets of Europe and beyond.

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