Helping Warehouses of tomorrow regain full control of the equipment and delivery process

February 2024

Improving internal processes in warehouse maintanence through using Neptune DXP platform.

We're seeing improved morale, less human error and increased efficiency.

The need

Eliminating unnecessary work-related tasks to accelerate procedures. Digitalizing the logistics and switching from the old “manual” method of data processing.

Our solution

Smart LOG – the new, intuitive, self-service kiosk running on the Neptune DX Platform that enables staff to register clothing and equipment via the system.



  • Logistics Optimized and waiting time reduced by 80%
  • Streamlined, controlled processes resulted in strong stocks management
  • Time spent on keeping track of the inventory reduced by 50%
  • Increased efficiency, less human error and improved morals of personnel


Forsvaret safeguards Norway's sovereignty and security. With a focus on Arctic warfare, advanced technology, and international peacekeeping, Norway's military is a key NATO member, emphasizing professionalism and capability in challenging environments.

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