Modino Extended Warehouse Management: Revolutionizing Your Inventory Efficiency!

February 2024

Modino moved to new warehouse with implemetation of Autostore integrated to S/4HANA with embedded EWM.

We see that the solution resulted in maximizing the efficiency of the warehouse. The solution equips the organization with the capability to expand its operations seamlessly

The need

When moving to new warehouse Modino needed a new warehouse management solution integrated to Autostore. The solution was to implement SAP EWM in the S/4HANA solution with integration to Autostore.

Our solution

Implementation of SAP EWM embedded in S/4HANA. A set of FIORI applications supporting inbound process, replenishment, pick and packing. The FIORI applications are used in the Autostore ports integrated to the Autostore system, and in the manually operated warehouse. At the Autostore ports you have big screens to execute different operations, and in the manually warehouse they use Zebra mobile devices with wireless label printers. To manage specially mobile phones the scanning of GTIN and serial numbers are important in all processes (both inbound and outbound).



  • Lean integration between SAP and Autostore
  • Get the most value from every millimetre of existing and new warehouse space with Autostore
  • Support from custome FIORI applications to execute the processes in an efficient way
  • Support the increase of volume


Within the distribution and logistics of telecom products, Modino is a dominant player in the Nordic region. Among our customers are telecom operators and retailers who sell to the corporate and retail market. The main warehouse, near Oslo, is equipped with a modern storage system from AutoStore that ensures efficient logistics processes. In addition, we have a warehouse in Stockholm that serves the market in Sweden, Denmark and Finland.

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Terje Pedersen

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