Norengros Prebilt Warehouse Management

February 2024

Implementation of mobile applications supporting the warehouse processes

Replaced paper with mobile devices (Zebra) for the different warehouse processes.

The need

Norengros needed a mobile solution to support all warehouse processes for the different warehouses. Since they are handling medical products it is an legal requirement to use batch management for tracability. They have S4HANA and use stock room management (warehouse management). Today they used paper to support the processes.

Our solution

S5 Consulting is a partner of The Config Team in UK that has developed an Add-on to SAP called Prebilt. Prebilt is based on the Neptune SAP add-on to develope FIORI applications.

Prebilt support production, EWM, inventory management and warehouse management. The solution for Norengros was to implement the Prebilt warehouse management solution.



  • Replace paper with mobile applications
  • Support for scanning batch
  • Real time stock when picking with mobile devices


Norengros is Norway's largest supplier of consumer goods to the private and public sector. We are a nationwide chain consisting of 13 companies with local owners, with 36 wholesale stores throughout Norway. Our logistics solution based on local full-range warehouses provides unique availability and fast distribution to all our customers.

Our extensive product range makes us a total supplier - everything you need in one place. Our customers are followed up by over 200 subject specialists with industry-oriented expertise within the chain's product groups and customer segments.

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