The Need

Enhancing pricing process to manage everyday price changes in a way that allows keeping up with competitors and staying customer-focused at the same time.

The Challenge

The purpose of the project was to upgrade the existing pricing tool but at that moment there were no guidelines or rules about discovering and designing solutions so we analyzed the current approach to improve it.

Our solution

The project aimed to move the existing tool from the on-premise solution to the cloud-based one. The whole solution was written based on modern programming techniques ensuring the highest quality, robustness, and scalability. Data selection and processing was based on the highly efficient Core Data Services. The creation process was focused on contact with business users to understand and provide solution according to their needs.


Improving the current architecture in terms of the data flow from source systems to the pricing tool, as well as achieving a more direct and efficient route from the source systems to the pricing tool (bypassing Business Warehouse).

Long-term benefits

  • Price optimization delivering a substantial increase in revenue and gross profit from the newly introduced business areas

  • Less processing delay gives decreased time to market and smoother working processes

  • Efficient, robust, and scalable solution for data exchange between source systems and the pricing strategy tool

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