The Need

Eliminating unnecessary work-related tasks to accelerate procedures:

The inventory of the material at the repository was based on pen and paper registrations, with subsequent additions running the inherent risk of errors resulting from duplication. A lot of time was spent trying to keep track of our own material, and this probably resulted in a lot of waste

said Head of Division of the Norwegian Defense Logistics Organization, Krister Andre Marstein.

The Challenge

Digitalizing the logistics and switching from the old “manual” method of data processing.

Our solution

Smart LOG – the new, intuitive, self-service kiosk running on the Neptune DX Platform that enables staff to register clothing and equipment via the system.


Logistics was optimized and waiting time reduced by 80% through standardizing operations in warehouses and regaining full control of the equipment and delivery process.

Long-term benefits

  • Streamlined, controlled processes resulted in strong stocks management

  • Time spent on keeping track of the inventory reduced by 50%

  • Overall cutaway of waste, eliminated errors

  • On-time logistics

  • Increased efficiency and morals of personnel

The Norwegian Defense continues to work on the modernization and further improvement of logistics activities. Since October 2020, our consultants experienced in SAP Fiori and SAP HANA are taking part in the next level of work on the SmartLOG program.

Organizations can benefit from simplifying or eliminating unnecessary work-related tasks to improve the efficiency of processes in a business. We believe that waste of time, efforts, and potential can be reduced, making space for new possibilities.”

said Sveinung Gehrken, Managing Director, S5 Consulting

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