Previously, Jordan worked as a manager at companies such as Capgemini and Deloitte. He is an experienced SAP developer/architect with an SAP Net Weaver certification and extensive technical knowledge within SAP, system integration, and business process insight in logistics, insurance, economy, and others. As our MANAGING PARTNER he is responsible for developing the SWEDISH BRANCH of S5. In Sweden, Jordan focuses on the digitalization of manual processes, implementation of digital processes and process integration. Since we are growing, he’s keeping an eye on building a core team and is concentrating on identifying the skillset we need to enable the further growth of the Swedish entity. In the long run, his engagement will lead to more advanced dialog with clients, selling end-to-end projects and expanding the market. Jordan is also in charge of the S5’s project for a leading European energy company.

As you can see Jordan is quite busy now, but he rarely refuses a friendly chit-chat, so if you want to know more about our activities in the Swedish market, he is the perfect person to contact.

Welcome on board!