In a true SAP spirit, they also had a very interesting and entertaining keynote session from (SAP Futurist and Innovation Evangelist) Tom Raftery, where he talked about the future of Connected Assets: Optimizing for People, Planet, and Profit.

S5 Consulting joined the International SAP Conference on Intelligent Asset Management (IAM) in Madrid, together with customers and consultants from around the world. It was an excellent mix of people, with different backgrounds, where most had a very good understanding of the maintenance process.

The conference was divided into 3 parts:

  • The first one was various workshops driven by SAP
  • The second one was general presentations from both SAP and customers
  • The third one was ongoing influence sessions throughout the whole conference


The SAP Intelligent Asset Management Suite was first released in a press release in November 2019, as a new solution for a fully enabled digital approach to SAP Enterprise Asset Management. The “SAP Intelligent Asset Management” is a set of the five new cloud-based SAP offerings within the overall EAM portfolio. The five offerings are:

To run your asset management process inefficiently, will lead to unnecessary costs and can cause great risk to your company. However, if you work with the latest innovations in Machine Learning, IoT, AI, etc, it will clearly give your company a strategic advantage. It will also increase user satisfaction and boost general knowledge in the Asset Management area.

Pro & Contra

The SAP Enterprise Asset Management suite is quite new, with a lot of changes and innovation going on now:

  • The positive:
    There is a high focus from SAP to re-invent the solution and make it much better. It is easier to influence SAP on how this solution should work, and there is even talk about discounts for early adaptors.
  • The negative:
    Parts of the products might be immature and might still have functionality lacking that is essential for your company. This can lead to higher effort, to get the solution up and running.

These modules can be purchased and run by SAP together, or separately, with a different pricing model based on usage. Which in some cases, can be cheaper than the old model? (At least when it comes to initial investments).

Should you jump on any of these solutions now?

  • If you have a fully working SAP PM solution in your existing SAP landscape, we would recommend waiting with going all in and instead identify if there are any gaps that can be filled with one of the solutions above.
  • However, if you are new to SAP EAM, we would recommend looking into this new solution, as it seems like a very good product. The initial investment would also be lower than the traditional solution, because of license models.

S5 Consulting is a consultant company with a high technology focus. We have long experience in SAP EAM/PM, SAP Cloud Solutions, Mobile Solutions (Fiori/Neptune) and so much more. This also means that we are agile and deliver efficiently. If you need help to analyze business requirements, investigate solutions or help with implementations, do not hesitate to contact us. We can help take your SAP solution to the next level.