Since seeing is believing we have a BlueWorx demo application available for you to try. There are two logon modes for the application, ‘Demo Logon’ and ‘Your System Logon’:

  • For demonstration purposes please use the ‘Demo Logon’ which connects to a Zag demonstration system. Please note that any changes that you make to data in the application and then sync with our system will be disregarded on processing.
  • The ‘Your System Logon’ option is for use with your own SAP system and BlueWorx application registered through your Neptune Software Planet 8 Cockpit. It requires SAP, Neptune Software and BlueWorx commercial agreements, installation and configuration.

Not for production use: The BlueWorx application is not meant for usage with productive SAP systems. This is because we can’t maintain a single application against all our customers SAP and Neptune releases. Customers should create their own version in order to avoid version conflicts between the version on App Store and SAP back-end when Zag chooses to update the version on App Store. Full directions for customers to create their own enterprise application version is available from Zag.

Scan QR Code

Scan the QR code below from a QR scanner application or, for newer mobile devices, from your photo’s application.

Install via URL Link

Follow the URL link appropriate for your device type:

Privacy Policy

The privacy policy for the application is located here


Please note that the application is not available in all countries. If you have an interest in the application and its not listed for your territory then please contact us.

Linking BlueWorx Application to your Own SAP Instance

The following provides instructions for customers wanting to try the BlueWorx application with your own installation in a non productive manner. For broadest compatibility with Neptune Platform versions the Mobile Client / Launchpad must be configured slightly differently depending on your Neptune Platform version.  See the links below: