Orkla company Orkla Home & Personal Care (formerly Lilleborg grocery) has for several years received orders for EDI from the largest customers, but they also have many export and specialist customers who send orders for mail.

Demand for streamlining customer service resulted in a Business Case to look at how to reduce the number of orders handled manually and make customers more self-service.

Several solutions were discussed, including using the existing B2C web shop on the Salesforce platform with integration with SAP.

The application contains functionality such as excel template for uploading products directly in web shop, online price simulation, order history, order status, invoice display in PDF based on output in SAP, deletion and copying of orders etc. Each SAP user is linked to a customer in SAP.

The solution has also been introduced to employees internally who order products for internal use.

Other Orkla companies are now also in the process of using the same solution for their customers / employees.

SAP Fiori B2B application developed by S5 Consulting