Managing and monitoring warehouse with real-time data

February 2024

S5 Consulting supported customer with developing applications to improve warehouse management.

We're seeing improved employee productivity and motivation.

The need

Increasing the efficiency of warehouse processes. Creating a solution that monitors various operations in real-time.

Our solution

SAP Mobility Warehouse Management Solution, based on SAP FIORI technology using Neptune, consisting of warehouse tasks, admin application and a stock monitor application.



  • Provides a clear overview of product stock
  • Boosting employee motivation and productivity during inbound and outbound processes

Producing consumer products

A leading Norwegian conglomerate operating primarily in the consumer goods sector. The company's portfolio comprises a wide range of well-known Nordic brands, as well as international brands, making it a significant player in the markets of Europe and beyond.

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Terje Pedersen

Expert Consultant and Founder


The whole team

Martin Sommer

Expert Developer

Abhishek Jain

Senior Developer