Spreadsheets turn into assortment management tool for SAP Fiori newbies

February 2024

The project involved integrating design thinking with the Fiori Landscape evaluation, facilitating the client's access to the SAP Cloud Platform, and establishing necessary connections.

This approach aimed at developing an effective and desirable solution, enhancing user engagement and satisfaction with the designed application.

The need

Simplifying the daily work of assortment specialists and category managers. Transforming cumbersome Excel sheets into new, precise tool for assortment management and introducing SAP Fiori to first-time users.

Our solution

Learning about the design thinking processes together with the client, simultaneously we were examining Fiori Landscape. We supported the organization to get the SAP Cloud Platform and needed connections in place. We established guidelines, rules and delivered proper documentation templates to provide comprehensive help.

We involved developers at an early stage to ensure that our new application could be implemented and the design can be verified from a technical point of view. By using SAP Web IDE and SAPUI5, we’ve implemented a custom Layout Module Workbench Fiori App.

To ensure the best User Experience for our designed App, we executed several workshops. We have used many Design-Led Development process techniques like brainstorming, interviewing, and creating user cases to build desirable solution users will want to use.



  • Lower training effort for non-SAP users
  • A single entry point for many functionalities - a significant simplification for the users
  • Duplication of work reduced
  • Better readability - Category Managers gained a clear overview of the assortment
  • Reduced number of errors and change requests - now the users have a better visual perspective of what are they doing before they confirm their actions
  • Reduction of response time
  • Easier maintenance

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