Even the best-run companies need to keep up with the times to maintain their footing on a changing market. This means modernizing infrastructure and digitalizing processes to make them more efficient and effective. And this is how Norway’s largest publishing company boldly moves forward with the support of the S5 team.

Selecting the right technology platform is critical for a company to effectively evolve its operating model and thrive. SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP) brings together data and analytics, artificial intelligence, application development, automation, and integration in one, unified environment.Leaders like to see sales bars grow, but they are aware that a satisfying job is equally important. Repetitive tasks and errors made are a waste of time, money, and they frustrate employees. This is clear, then, that without a powerful upgrade you may get stuck in the past and with an unmotivated team on board. Sandra, Marek, and Sveinung from S5, together with Gyldendal, created a solution to streamline the whole process of publishing new books. The process was complex as it required filling out order forms, then searching for existing books, and then approving the publishing of a new book or a new edition of the existing one. Creation of the new product was done in the SAP GUI in few transactions and consumed much time plus left a lot of space for errors. Previously, the material creation process took place in SAP transactions and Web Dynpro applications. Our team modernized it by simplifying the creation and by giving it a modern layout. We used the SAP BTP; the front-end part was done with SAP Fiori using Business Application Studio and back-end data were exposed using oData services. Now Gyldendal can search for the author and the book easily in one place and create new products by providing the necessary data without any approval needed. This is the first step in the automation process of publishing books. Further plans are to involve also other areas, such as sales and accounting. And we can’t wait already!