S5 Fiori Training

We share our knowledge and experience within SAP Fiori. Build your competence faster and execute your projects easier.

By default, S5 Fiori Training is a 6-day program, which helps your team to understand and maintain SAPUI5 applications. It contains everything you need to get started with Fiori and establish your high quality development team.

Who is the training for?

Competence is the key to your success!

About the training

Designing with reusable components creates significant business value

What will you learn?

Everything your team needs to know about Fiori.

Our Fiori training is customer-oriented course and it does not have a fixed content. We have our recommended standard structure, but it can be aligned to your needs. The content of the training depends on your experience and requirements. We would like to understand your needs first and provide you most suitable training sessions. It is designed to strengthen your team skills, no matter how much you are experienced. We will do our best to make your organization prepared for future Fiori projects.

Training Content

Introduction to Fiori

I. Introduction (15min.)

Content: The goal of the training, Rules, Plan, Introduction of trainer and participants, Slack introduction.

II. SAP Fiori and User Experience, SAPUI5 Overview (45min. + 45min.)

Content: SAP Fiori Overview, Fiori Strategy and Direction, Fiori Architecture, Fiori Project Lifecycle, Design Thinking Overview, SAPUI5 Features and Architecture, MVC concept, SAPUI5 Extensibility, Documentation Review (how to read and use), Example Fiori Apps.

III. SAP Web IDE Full-Stack and Cloud Platform (45min. + 45min.)

Content: Authorization Checks, SAP Cloud Platform Overview and Services, SAP Web IDE features and setup, Deployment options, Templates, Fiori App Types, Connecting with OData Services, Setting up projects, Programming using SAP Web IDE

Tasks: Go through the Cloud Platform, Launching SAP Web IDE, Setting up an initial project, OData Service connection, Sandbox project deployment, App test.

IV. Tools and Technologies, Guidelines (60min.)

Content: UI Theme Designer, Icon Explorer, UI5 Inspector, Support Assistant, Build, Test Suite and Samples, SAPUI5 programming guidelines, Naming convention, Chrome Developer Tools

Tasks: Getting up accesses, Tools tests, Developer Tools analysis using existing Fiori application.

V. SAP Cloud Platform Git Service (60min.)

Content: Git Overview, SAP Cloud Platform Git Service Details, Creating and managing repositories, SAP Web IDE Git functionalities, Other Git Services

Tasks: Creating local and remote repository, Testing Git functionalities in pairs (Clone, Push, Merge, Branching, etc.)

VI. Overview (30min.)

Content: Summary, Questions, Issues

Fiori projects and SAPUI5 Components

I. Introduction (30min.)

Content: Plan, Training App Introduction (requirements, concept)

II. SAP Fiori Project structure and setup

Content: Project Elements (Controllers, Views, Component, etc.), Project Settings, Bootstrapping, Utils, Run Configurations.

Tasks: Adjust project settings, Create project Utils and Run Configurations (Training App), Setup Git repository for the project

III. Manifest File (15min.)

Content: Manifest description, Parameters analysis

Tasks: Adjust Manifest properties in the Training App

IV. SAP Fiori Layouts and Floorplans (15min.)

Content: Presentation of existing layouts and floorplans in the context of Fiori User Experience

V. SAPUI5 Controls Review (30min.)

Content: SAPUI5 Controls Review (commonly used controls, comparison of the table types, etc.)

VI. Training App Prototyping (45min.)

Content: Review, Approach Decision, Prototype Adjustments, Development Suggestions

Tasks: Create Lo-fi prototypes, Create a prototype using Build, Recognizing entities (pair exercises)

VII. Prototyping review (30min.)

Content: Review, Approach Decision, Prototype Adjustments, Development Suggestions

Tasks: Brainstorming, UX Discussion

VIII. App Containers, Navigation and Routing (60min.)

Content: Containers Overview, Full Screen App, Navigation and Routing

Tasks: Enable Navigation, Routing and Full Screen Mode in the Training App

IX. Development Time (60min.)

Coordinated Development (Layout, Routings, Controls)

X. Overview (30min.)

Content: Summary, Answering questions from Day 1, New questions, Issues

Fiori Development and Functionalities

I. Introduction (15min.)

Content: Daily Plan, Scrum meeting

II. Data Models

Content: Overview of all possible Data Models in the SAPUI5 application.

III. Localization (15min.)

Content: How to work with different languages in the Fiori app, Understanding the defaults and parameters

Tasks: Introduce secondary language in the app and provide translations

IV. JSON Model

Content: JSON Model Overview, Examples and Tools

Tasks: Create and make use of JSON Model in the Training App

V. Data Binding and Formatters

Content: Expression Binding, Complex Binding, Formatting data and texts

Tasks: Bind JSON Model formatted data in the Training App

VI. Custom CSS (15min.)

Content: How to add custom CSS and make use of predefined SAP classes

Tasks: Adjust the layout of the Training App

VII. Data Types (30min.)

Content: How to work with different data types and adjust their parameters

Tasks: Set up of different date and time formats, providing numbers formatting

VIII. Events (30min.)

Content: How to handle events in the application

Tasks: Make use of control events in the Training Apps

IX. Dialog and Fragments (30min.)

Content: Containers Overview, Full Screen App, Navigation and Routing

Tasks: Enable Navigation, Routing and Full Screen Mode in the Training App

X. Development Time (60min.)

Coordinated Development (Translations, Adjusting Data, Fragments and Dialogs)

XI. Overview (30min.)

Content: Summary, Answering questions from Day 2, New questions, Issues

OData Services

I. Introduction (15min.)

Content: Daily Plan, Scrum meeting

II. OData Services Overview 

Content: Metadata file, OData Services v2 and v4, OData Model Introduction, Networking, Requests, Backend and Gateway approach

Tasks: Triggering OData requests, Adding OData Model to the training App, first OData bindings

III. MockServer

Content: How to Mock Data in the App

Tasks: Mock Data based on the Training App OData Service

IV. OData Model, Data Binding (60min. + 30min.)

Content: Triggering calls from the app, Complex binding, Creating deep entities, Error handling, Expression bindings

Tasks: Make use of GET, POST, PUT and DELETE methods in the app (different requests with handlers)

V. Filtering, Grouping, Sorting (60min.)

Content: How to sort, filter and group data in the application, using OData and JSON models

Tasks: Enable filtering, groping and sorting in the Training App

VI. Development Time (60min. + 45min.)

Coordinated Development (Data Handling, Creating functionalities)

VII. Overview (30min.)

Content: Summary, Answering questions from Day 3, New questions, Issues

Advanced Functionalities

I. Introduction (15min.)

Content: Daily Plan, Scrum meeting

II. Custom Controls and Control Extensions

Content: How to extend SAPUI5 controls and create a new one

Tasks: Extend one simple control, create one simple control

III. Libraries

Content: How to create your own library and make use of existing libraries

Tasks: Create a new library with created custom controls and include a library in a new simple app

IV. Message Handling (30min.)

Content: Message Handling Overview, Error Handlers, Best practices

Tasks: Make use of different handlers in the Training App.

V. Smart Controls and Annotations (45min. + 45min.)

Content: Smart Controls Overview, Annotations Review, Smart Tables and Smart Forms

Tasks: Create a Smart Table and Smart Filter Bar in the Training App with the Annotations

VI. Device Adaptation (30min.)

Content: How to adjust the app to the different devices (Desktop, Tablet, Mobile)

Tasks: Adjust one of the controls to the different Device and test the solution

VII. Development Time and Code Review (60min.)

Coordinated Development (Smart Table and Filter Bar, Library, Messages.)

Code Review exercise in pairs.

VIII. Overview (30min.)

Content: Summary, Answering questions from Day 4, New questions, Issues

Other Topics and What’s next?

I. Introduction (15min.)

Content: Daily Plan, Scrum meeting

II. SAP Fiori Elements (45min.)

Content: Fiori Elements Overview, Development Approach, Examples

Tasks: Create one simple Fiori app using Elements

III. Application Extensibility (45min.)

Content: Standard Fiori App Extensions, Extension Points, Examples, Standard Fiori App library

Tasks (optional): Create a simple enhancement of a standard Fiori app

IV. Testing Introduction (30min.)

Content: Fiori App Testing options and tools, Examples

V. Fiori Launchpad Overview and Configuration (60min.)

Content: Fiori Launchpad Overview, Groups, Catalogs, Roles, Setup

Tasks: Add a Training App to the Sample Catalog and create a new Group

VI. Cloud Platform Deployment (30min.)

Content: Cloud Platform Launchpad Overview, Deployment

Tasks: Deploy the Training App to the Cloud and create a new Launchpad instance

VII. Code Review and Training App Presentation (45min.)

Code Review groups presentation

Presentation of developed apps

VIII. Helpful Materials, Learning Paths, Hints (15min.)

Content: How to learn Fiori and be up to date with the newest things, Recommended materials and learning paths, Hints

IX. Overview (30min.)

Content: Summary, Answering questions from Day 5, Training Questions, Issues

X. Survey (15min.)

Content: What do you think about the training? What would you change?

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