Unified Commerce: Transforming the Integration of E-commerce Platforms and SAP Systems

February 2024

S5 Consulting has engineered a pioneering integration solution, seamlessly merging Webshop front-end, Order Management System with SAP back-end systems.

For ARK, this transformation equates to a significant boost in profitability and online sales.

We've observed a substantial reduction in system errors, resulting in a more reliable and easily monitored environment, resilient against server downtimes.

The need

The previous Webshop solution was based on outdated technology, making it complex to monitor and develop new features. Moreover, if the SAP backend was down, the entire Webshop would become non-functional.

Our solution

The S5 Consulting team has innovated a cloud-based, event-driven, API-first middleware solution, integrating on-premise SAP systems (CRM and ECC) with cutting-edge third-party platforms (Bluestone PIM, CommerceTools, Omnium). Utilizing the SAP BTP Integration Suite, the solution comprises key components such as Cloud Integration, API Management, and EventMesh. The event-driven architecture, implemented in EventMesh, ensures continuous operation, independent of server downtime.



  • Increased online sales through the new Webshop
  • Enhanced user experience for both external customers ordering books and internal employees interacting with the systems
  • A robust system architecture ensuring continuous operation regardless of server status

ARK Bokhandel

ARK Bokhandel is a leading book store chain in Norway, passionately staffed by over 1,100 employees who share a deep love for books. ARK aims to be the favorite book store for the general public and book enthusiasts alike. The company prides itself on being the most innovative book store chain, making it easier for customers to search for, find, and buy books in-store, online, and on mobile devices. ARK Bokhandel ensures a superior shopping experience for all book lovers.

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