Field service technicians, working both onshore and offshore, face myriad challenges in their daily operations. Recognizing the potential for innovation in this space, Aker Solutions partnered with us for a pilot project aimed at increasing efficiency and safety for these technicians. The central idea was to leverage the innovative technology of Realwear headsets coupled with SAP’s robust Mobile Services platform.

Our team at S5 Consulting, capitalizing on the capabilities of SAP Fiori mobile apps, SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP) mobile services, and Android SDK, devised a solution that seamlessly integrated with the Realwear headset. The focus was on enhancing the user experience, improving task efficiency, and ensuring safe operations under varying conditions.

We customized the SAP Fiori mobile apps to be voice-controlled and hands-free, thus enabling technicians to access crucial information and perform tasks without distraction or need for manual input. The pilot solution turned the Realwear headset into an advanced field service tool, providing real-time data access, interactive checklists, and detailed equipment manuals.

The pilot project has shown promising results with the potential to bring about significant improvements in field service operations. The technicians are now able to access vital information hands-free, perform tasks more efficiently, and remain safer on the job thanks to the Realwear headset solution. Preliminary feedback has highlighted a potential reduction in error rates and a positive impact on overall operational efficiency.

In the likely way forward during the refinement and full-scale implementation of this solution, S5 Consulting is proud to be at the forefront of this technological advancement with Aker Solutions. We are excited to continue our work on this project and look forward to seeing the full impact of our solution on improving field services.

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