We are pleased to announce that Planet 8 v.5.3.1 is now available! This release contains a lot of new features and bug-fixes.

New Features

  • New Launchpad
  • Launchpad Enhancement Framework
  • Login Screen translated to device language
  • Cockpit Documentation
  • Sync Inbound Monitor
  • Attach Before Display event
  • Attach Cache Loaded event
  • New Application in App Designer
  • Global Translation Tool
  • App Designer: Expression binding without backend model
  • Policy

Bug fixes

  • Cockpit Store: No apps listed
  • Chinese translation in SAPUI5 core components
  • App Designer: sap.f library added
  • App Designer: Search ABAP Class
  • App Designer: Version Management
  • App Designer: Subscreen for CalendarAppointment
  • App Designer: sap.m.HeaderContainer not added to sap.m.ObjectHeader
  • Cockpit: App Designer Link
  • Core Server: Sorting extension objects
  • Cockpit: Mobile Client Build
  • App Designer: sap.m.ViewSettingsFilterItem added to model list
  • Media Library
  • REST API Binding on sap.m.SelectDialog
  • REST API destination on mobile clients