Innovation boost on the European market: S5 Consulting and The Config Team partnership introduces new SAP solution

S5 Consulting announced today its partnership with The Config Team, a UK-based company. The cooperation will provide access to the newest SAP supply chain mobility solution for the Scandinavian countries.

The goals of these two companies meet on the ground of integrating and hyper-automating SAP business processes to innovate, gain speed and reduce operating cost. The synergetic cooperation aims to introduce SAP customers to a new solution – PreBilt. It is done by pooling technology, as well as the expertise and experience of both.

The product is a suite of out-of-the-box mobile applications, which have been designed to digitize any supply chain process within warehousing, manufacturing, and distribution centers that allow users to complete any process within SAP supply chain modules, including Inventory Management (IM), Warehouse Management (WM), or Extended Warehouse Management (EWM). PreBilt works from any mobile device and in real-time.

“We are thrilled to collaborate with such an experienced partner. The cooperation will open doors for providing the most innovative solutions that cover end-to-end SAP supply chain processes so that our customers stay in control and can effectively steer their business,” said Sveinung Gehrken, Managing Director, S5 Consulting.

From now on the companies performing digitalization of their supply chain processes can choose the alternative solution, competitively priced comparing to the current offer. The entrepreneurs will be able to streamline warehouse operations for all types of businesses, including Small Warehouse (IM), Medium Warehouse (WM), and Large Warehouse (EWM).

The Config Team, founded in 1994, specializes in all aspects of SAP logistics, Warehouse Management, and Extended Warehouse Management. The company delivers solutions for some of the biggest global brands across diverse industries, including L’Oreal, Goodyear, Carlsberg, Mercedes, among others.