We have just released BlueWorx Support Pack 7. Like previous releases, it comes packed with innovation and improvements like:

• Spatial enablement of assets to support linear and polygon objects and not just point assets. We also included the ability to spatially locate work – Major Innovation
• New Order filtering and variants options
• Improved photo and document options
• Work Order Permits
• SAP Generation of Inspections
• New Favorites and History functionality
• Improvements to Notifications – items and causes
• HTML and Images for Inspections

Here’s a brief ‘teaser’ of selected visuals:

My Work Filters

You will now be able to get creative with your filtering for Orders and Operations:

Having worked out your perfect filter, you’ll now be able to save it as a variant:

My Work Components

There’s a new tab in My Work that shows all the Components related to Orders you have on the device and their quantities. That way you can go bug stores for the parts you need before you head out to a job ;-)

Inspection Long Text Goes HTML

You’ll now be able to maintain long text in the Inspection header and questions:


You’ll now see SAP Permit information where relevant (Orders, Notifications, FL and Equipment):

And warnings on Notification creation:

And warnings or errors on Order creation:

Permit is easy to turn on – just “switch”.

Generate Profiles from BlueWorx Admin App

This ones for the BlueWorx Administrators. We’ve now provided the ability to see when a profile was last generated and allow you to initiate this from within the profile screen:

Spatial Assets, Work and Notations

This one looks set to really change the game!

We have always provided the ability to show the location point assets, based on classification data, now we are moving to geo-json we will allow for linear and polygon assets and EXCITINGLY for work locations. There’s also

And here’s the detail of the green mowing example above:

And here’s how that looks in the Work Order, with the action complete: