Sveinung Gehrken

CEO and Founder

As the CEO and co-founder of S5 Consulting, my vision has always been to create a consultancy that stands at the forefront of SAP solutions, not just in Norway, but across the Nordics and extending into the key markets of Poland and Germany. Our mission is to infuse cutting-edge innovation with deep-seated expertise, ensuring that each investment our clients make in SAP technology is strategic and future-proof. At S5 Consulting, we bring together the brightest minds who are always abreast of the latest advancements in SAP products and technologies, promoting both professional advancement and personal well-being. We are dedicated to crafting a workspace where work-life balance is achievable and encouraged. Our aim is steadfast: to be the leading force in SAP consulting within our chosen markets. Without S5 Consulting, the strategic foresight and technical prowess that have become synonymous with our name would leave a void in the SAP industry.


SAP Applications and Technologies - Expert within field
Business Strategy - Expert within field
Project Management - Expert within field
Enterprise Solution Architect - Expert within field
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