Coop Norway


Sap Fiori app development: Develop a single gateway/portal for stores to access all relevant applications for ordering, assortment, inventory, reporting and product information.




Warehouse and order management



Coop Norway employs 28,000 people in Norway and operates 1,250 stores. They invited us to explore with them how they could automatize their orders and forecasting. One of the requirements was that the solution was built and continuously developed as a functional prototype. This meant it needed to be able to interact directly with the core systems and business logic of Coop. This task was rather complex, as we needed to make the golden oldies of legacy systems play nice with the inexperienced teens of service innovation and rapid development.

Customer spec

The purpose is to automate the store ordering processes as much as possible by providing the stores with algorithm-based order proposals to increase process efficiencies and reduce overstocks, out of stock and wastage.

In order to achieve this goal the project will design, develop and agree upon a single set of unified business processes and standard system solutions, across all departments and areas for:

• Forecasting (demand and order forecasting)

• Replenishment (automated order proposals for stores and exceptions management)

• Order execution of promotions (delivering order proposals for promotions to the stores)

• Allocations (strategies to determine order proposals for stores)

• One common gateway/portal for stores (where it relates to Program Optimal order system)


– One centralized platform to manage all order activity

– Improved shelf availability leading to increased sales and profit

– Improved store efficiency due to process automation and less time spent on ordering in stores.

– Reduces working capital due to reduction in overstocks.

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