SAP Fiori

Design. Develop. Deliver. A modern UX for every device. And every user.

SAP Fiori is a set of modern SAP applications designed with leading User Experience practices. The applications make it easy for users to access key data smoothly, providing a comfortable and agile workflow.

In recent years we have provided our Customers both with custom-made and standard Fiori applications. This allows us both to implement classic SAP applications and to extend or prepare a dedicated solution.

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Neptune DX Platform

Our team of experienced Fiori Neptune developers make apps that are faster to create, quicker to deploy and easier to maintain.

Neptune Software bridges low-code and pro-code by delivering a rapid app development platform that helps modernise and optimise your business processes and user interfaces, with the full benefits of an award-winning user experience (UX) and universal back-end integration that unifies your entire business ecosystem.

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We optimise existing ABAP code and develop new, future-proof and more efficient ABAP-based applications.

Apps with the use of ABAP are targeted at customers who expect highest quality services while taking care of the application development costs. Our team considers two main objectives: profitability for Customers and Return on Investment guarantee.

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The next-generation ERP system.

Designed from scratch, this ERP in the cloud system offers wide opportunities within the scope of management of company resources. Concentrating strategical activities in one system and introducing numerous integrated applications located in the cloud, which support auxiliary areas, such as HR management, management of relationships with suppliers or customers allows for high flexibility.

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SAP Cloud Platform

Boost your business and build business applications based on SAP Cloud Platform.

SAP Cloud Platform is an environment which allows for creating autonomous cloud applications, extending the existing applications operating in the cloud, and also boosting the functionality of systems operating on-premise with new possibilities offered by clouds.

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SAP Analytics Cloud

Complex analytics in real-time.

SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) is a Business Intelligence tool. It enables the creation of sophisticated analytics and data exploration from numerous sources. All this from the point of one smart system. The Implemented cloud solution – based on the SaaS model – guarantees access to an up-to-date and secure application that does not require additional deployment or setup on the customer side.

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The new generation of data warehouse.

SAP BW/4HANA data warehouse is so-called single source of truth,
used for reporting, analysis and planning. Thanks to SAP BW/4HANA, you can integrate data from different sources in one place. It also connects perfectly with bigger containers like SAP Data Hub.

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SAP HANA is an innovative solution based on in-memory processing. Working only in the operational memory, this technology provides new possibilities of data collection and analysis.

The main assumption of SAP HANA platform, allowing for instant generation of analyses and reports, is transferring of data from hard disks to physical memory (RAM). SAP HANA provides a completely new quality in terms of  efficiency and data processing. SAP HANA platform also enables companies to analyse transactional data and analytical data from any source.

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