Customer Aker BP

Aker BP is a fully-fledged E&P company with exploration, development, and production activities on the Norwegian Continental Shelf (NCS). Measured in production, Aker BP is one of the largest independent oil companies in Europe. Aker BP has a workforce of about 1,300 employees.


Making a “Plant Maintenance Master App”


2018  –

UX Design
Research, development and architecture

“Plant Maintenance Master App” is a powerful, performant, custom SAP Fiori Application developed by our team at S5 Consulting.

It allows users to browse through the relevant Plant Maintenance data much quicker as it collects data from more than 15 SAP GUI transactions into one, integrated set of Fiori Smart Reports. Benefit of this approach is a significantly improved user experience and reduced time spent on searching for relevant information up to 50 – 90%.

We worked closely with the Customer throughout all phases of the project life cycle and our team powered by Design-Led Development, created an innovative solution that saves time of everyone working with huge PM datasets containing key information. Not only the application is lightning-fast due to the use of newest SAP technologies but has a great UX. Users don’t have to go back to the Fiori Launchpad each time to look for the relevant information and all relevant information is easily accessible, just a few clicks away.

Plant Maintenance Master App aggregates huge amounts of data from the following PM objects:

  • Functional Locations
  • Notifications
  • Work Orders
  • Operations
  • Maintenance Items
  • Materials
  • Purchase Orders
  • Purchase Requisitions
  • Measure Reading

Solution is made in a way that enables an easy extension of functionality by adding different type of objects presented as easy-to-read reports.

Contextual Navigation – focus on what is most important

Users can look for the relevant data in the context of Functional Location Tree or the entire Plant. By pressing on the entry in the Functional Location Tree, a user can take a deeper look into Notifications, Work Orders, Operations, Maintenance Items, Materials, Purchase Order/Requisitions attached to that Functional Location. In a plant-specific, general report, data is displayed in a form of a standard Fiori report.

Smart Reports and reusable filters

We built Reports with the use of Smart Filter Bar and Smart Table SAP UI5 controls. It enabled us to develop quicker and follow the best Fiori Design Guidelines practices.

It is now extremely easy for users to set filters, save them as variant for later use and then make it visible as a Tile on the Fiori launchpad. Users can even share saved filters with colleagues! We used the same approach for tables – users can choose a custom columns’ layout and save it as a variant.

All needed Value Helps for filters were implemented. Almost every field in the table is filterable – there are approximately 60 different data fields per report.

Details View

When user selects an entry in the table, details are conveniently displayed at the bottom half of the screen. It’s easy for users to see General Information about the Business Object, aggregative data (like sub items, characteristics, object lists) and much more. Users also have a possibility to quickly download all files attached and served through the Content Repository Server.

Quick View for increased productivity

Each section for the Business Objects can be opened in a separate window of the web browser. We call it “Quick View”. There are many hyperlinks spread across the entire application. By clicking on them, user can easily open relevant object in the Quick View mode for increased productivity. It greatly speeds up the process of comparing data of several assets. Our users are usually equipped with 2 or more screens and therefore the benefits of detachable windows are even more prominent in everyday life.


Every Business Object in app can be marked as a favourite by clicking on the star icon. User’ favourites Business Objects can be managed in Favourites Report. Items in that list are filtered by the Business Object’ type. By clicking on the item, user can see all details on it in the half bottom section.

Those favourites BO’s are being saved in the custom Z table in the SAP database and therefore favourites are always accessible – no matter the device used.


For several reports we also implemented possibility to download a Smart From printout for specific Business Object. Printout is generated as a PDF file. User can trigger printout by marking object in the list and clicking button in the table’s toolbar. It is very easy for the developer to add another types of printouts to the application.